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Welcome to my blog on the web series and play "Desperate and Dudeless in Paris."

I invite you to join us on a hilarious romp through Paris with two fictitious characters, Jen the Australian and Betty the Brit. Follow the stories of these expat women, and their friends and family.   “Desperate and Dudeless in Paris” is both a comic portrayal of a kaleidoscope of cross-cultural romantic confusion in Paris, and a comment on the dilemmas modern single women face in dating and relationships.

The aim of this project is to challenge negative attitudes towards single women over 30 and, beyond that, to promote the message that women can be happy, fullfilled AND single at the same time.

Cartoon sketch by Charles Tozzi. © 2016, Charles Tozzi.


Trailer/teaser for upcoming comedy web-series and play Desperate and Dudeless in Paris about two expat women living in Paris.

But expat women are lucky and privileged right?.....

By the word "expatriate," we do not mean a dreamy or sentimental Parisian lifestyle, nor a privileged one funded by company money.  We are talking about the kind of woman who rocks up to a new country looking for a fresh start, with only a couple of suitcases and no job, and who has to frequently fight her urge to jump on a plane back to the comforts of home. We, the producers, (Brigitte Anderssen and Louise Denyer) are two actors from English-speaking backgrounds living in Paris. We have wrestled with life in this beautiful, dirty, male-piss-drenched city. We decided it was time to tell some smelly underbelly truths about life here. We use comedy to show those realities, and to tell the stories of single women through the eyes of Jen and Betty, the characters we have created. Happy reading.....

Brigitte and Louise Producers of "Desperate and Dudeless in Paris"

Brigitte and Louise talk about the objectives and ideas underpinning the web series and play.